Back to basics: key accounting terms in plain English

23 April 2024, 11:00am

The first hurdle to understanding your business finances is learning to translate all the accounting jargon into regular words. Back by popular demand, we’ll guide you through the lingo so you’ll be fluent in ‘Accountantese’ in no time.

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In this free, friendly webinar, our Chief Accountant, Emily Coltman FCA, will give you the answers to questions like:

  • What’s the difference between a bill and an out-of-pocket expense?
  • How can you tell debit and credit apart?
  • Why does FreeAgent use double-entry bookkeeping?
  • What can you learn from your profit and loss statement?
  • And much more…

See you there!

photo of Emily Coltman FCA

Emily Coltman FCA

Chief Accountant at FreeAgent

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