How to get cashflow clarity with FreeAgent

19 April 2023, 11:00am

With sky-high inflation and the cost of living crisis continuing, businesses are doing everything they can to weather the economic storm - and managing cashflow is key. FreeAgent’s built-in 90-day Cashflow forecast uses the data in your account (plus plenty of computer smarts) to predict your cashflow future, allowing you to plan for rainy days and sunshine alike.

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In this free, friendly webinar, Stu McEwan, Senior Product Manager in FreeAgent’s Banking team, will chat through:

  • why cashflow forecasting is so important for small businesses
  • how to use FreeAgent’s Cashflow forecasting functionality - with a live demo
  • any other burning cashflow questions you might have in a live Q&A

See you there!

photo of Stu McEwan

Stu McEwan

Senior Product Manager (Banking) at FreeAgent

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