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Quids in: smarter ways to get paid with FreeAgent

18 June 2024, 11:00am

With a great business comes great amounts of daily admin - which can be a bit of a drag. So how can you keep the payments rolling in without spending precious time and energy chasing clients? With efficient invoicing and smarter payment options, find out how FreeAgent can help you nail the daily admin to keep you quids in (and your piggy bank smilin’).

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In this free, friendly webinar, one of our product experts, Sarah Dewe, will chat you through:

  • how to create a professional-looking invoice in minutes
  • several integrations you can use to simplify payments
  • the FreeAgent automations that help you get paid on time
  • any other questions you might have about invoicing during a live Q&A

See you there!

photo of Sarah Dewe

Sarah Dewe

Senior Product Manager at FreeAgent

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