Remove an explanation from a bank transaction

Here's how to correct the explanation of a bank transaction if you discover you've made a mistake.

You've already explained a transaction but then discover that the explanation is wrong? Don't worry. So long as the transaction isn't in a locked VAT period, you can easily remove the explanation without needing to delete and re-enter the transaction.

1 Find and select the transaction

Find the transaction, by selecting the bank account in Banking, and navigating to the month it falls in, using the drop-down menu.

You'll see it's in blue, with a green tick at the far right, because it's been explained.

Select it.


2 Remove the explanation

Select the transaction, then choose 'More Options (alternatively, you can hold down the 'alt' key on your keyboard while you select the transaction) to access the 'Edit a transaction' screen. From there, select the button labelled "Remove this Explanation".


FreeAgent checks that you're sure, and then removes the explanation.

You can see the transaction is now in red again, because it's become unexplained.


Now explain it the right way - Job done!

Learn more about explaining bank transactions.

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