Charities: Choosing account type

Which account type to choose in FreeAgent if you are keeping the accounts for a charity.

Here are some suggestions for which account type to choose in FreeAgent - UK Sole Trader, UK Partnership, UK Limited Liability Partnership, UK Limited Company, or Universal - if you are keeping the books for a charity.

Universal accounts can be used for UK businesses too, in some cases, and charities are one of these. But there are some areas you need to bear in mind.

Paid staff

If your charity has paid staff, then avoid choosing the Universal account as this does not have a payroll function in FreeAgent.


If your charity is registered for UK VAT and you want to file your VAT returns online, or you are cash accounting for VAT, then avoid choosing the Universal account type as this doesn't have those functions available.

Charitable companies

If your charity is also a limited company registered at Companies House, then choose the UK Limited Company account type.

None of these apply

Unless your charity fits into one of these types you can use the Universal account for your charity.

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