Getting estimates signed online - RightSignature

A guide to getting your FreeAgent estimates signed online through RightSignature.

Integrating a RightSignature account with your FreeAgent account enables you to send estimates to your customers from within RightSignature. When your customers sign them in RightSignature, they'll automatically be marked as approved in FreeAgent.

1. Set up the integration in RightSignature

In your RightSignature account select the Account button.


Then select the Integrations tab.


Scroll down and select the FreeAgent button.


Select Activate.


2. Link to your FreeAgent account

Enter your FreeAgent login information when prompted, and select Submit Query.


Select the Approve button to complete the integration process.


RightSignature tells you if the integration has been successful.


You'll also be able to see RightSignature on your list of approved applications in FreeAgent, under Settings > Approved Applications.


3. Send an estimate for approval

Create the estimate in FreeAgent first.

Then in your RightSignature account, select Send a Document.


Choose to send a document from FreeAgent by selecting the FreeAgent button.


A list of your estimates appears. Tick the box beside the one you want to send, and select Select.


RightSignature uploads the chosen estimate.


You can then continue with the process as normal to send a document from within RightSignature.

When your customer signs the RightSignature document your estimate will automatically be marked as approved in FreeAgent.

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