Directors' salaries

Existing users - up to and including 2012/13

If you already have payroll entries for users, up to and including the tax year 2012/13, you can revise their payrolls, or edit the individual payslips, to make the salaries appear in the different P&L codes.

If you change a user's role either to or from being a director, their payroll entries (for payslips dated today or in the future only) will move either into or out of the directors’ salaries code, as appropriate.

Remember though, that if you modify an existing payslip, FreeAgent will post the payroll entries to the correct codes depending on the user role type that’s currently set, so be careful when you change historic payslips for users who've since either become directors or stopped being directors, as you may find their salaries move code.

In this situation you may be better to make the changes to the payroll codes in your accounts using journal entries.

Existing users - after 6th April 2013

For the tax years 2013/14 and beyond, payslips cannot be revised in FreeAgent due to HMRC's RTI filing requirements.

If you need to move an individual's salary from the main salaries code to the directors' salaries code, or vice versa, you would need to do this by means of journal entries.

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