Figures for Payroll form P35

Here's how to extract figures from FreeAgent to fill in your P35 form at year end.

This article only applies for tax years up to and including 2012-13. After that year RTI payroll replaces the P35

Tax and NIC due for individual employees

Look at the employee's screen under My Money > Payroll.

You'll need to have the total NIC figure for the tax year for each employee, which you can calculate by adding the totals for the Employee's NIC and Employer's NIC columns together.

You'll also need the total tax figure for that employee, which you can see at the bottom of the Tax column.


Tax and NIC paid to HM Revenue

The tax and NIC paid to HM Revenue will be shown on the Taxes > PAYE and NI screen.

You need to add up the figures in the Paid column.


Be careful though, because you're looking for the tax and NIC paid for that tax year only, so you may need to leave the first payment of the year out of your calculation, and also add the first payment for the next tax year on.

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