Revise payroll

Here's how to revise a payroll in FreeAgent, for example for a new tax code.

This article is only for payroll years prior to 2013/14. FreeAgent now uses a new payroll supporting RTI submissions to HMRC. Please see our 2013/14 payroll article, or guide to setting up payroll to get started.

You might need to revise an existing simple payroll. For example, if you, or one of your employees, are given a new tax code by HMRC, you need to make that change to the payroll in FreeAgent. Here's how:

1. Open the payroll

Access the payroll by choosing Payroll from the My Money drop-down.


2. Choose the employee and tax year

Make sure that you have the correct employee selected from the Show drop-down. This would be the employee who has been given a new tax code.

Make sure you also have the correct tax year selected. HMRC's Notice of Coding will tell you which tax year the new code is for.

And make sure that you have "Payroll" selected from the third menu, because you will be revising the whole payroll, rather than just one individual payslip.


Let's look at the total tax for the year, so that you can see how it changes when the new code goes in. Down at the bottom of the page you can see the tax total.


3. Revise Payroll

Select the Revise Payroll button, towards the top of the page. If you can't see this button, you don't have full access to the system and you'll need to ask your accountant, or whoever set you up to use FreeAgent, to either extend your access to full, or do this for you.


Type in the new tax code, and the date of the payslip from which you want to change the payroll.

Enter any other changes you need to make, for example any changes to the employee's salary.

Then select Revise Payroll.


Where can I see my changes?

Back on the payroll page, you can see that the payslips are different from the date of revision onwards, and the tax total has also changed.


And if you were to select through to that employee's self assessment page, you would see the updated figures there too for the relevant tax year.


What about other changes, such as adding pension contributions?

You can do that by editing a payslip.

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