Student loan deductions

Here's how to enter student loan deductions for an employee in FreeAgent.

This article is only for payroll years prior to 2013/14. FreeAgent now uses a new payroll supporting RTI submissions to HMRC. Please see our 2013/14 payroll article, or guide to setting up payroll to get started.

1. Set payroll up

Set the payroll up as normal.

2. Edit each payslip in turn

Then you'll need to edit each payslip to show the deductions.

To do this, start by selecting the payslip from the Payroll screen for that employee.


Then select the Edit button to edit the payslip.


Scroll down to the bottom of the "Manually Editing Payslip" screen to the "Other Deductions" boxes.

Put the amount of the student loan deduction into the correct box.


Save your changes.

The student loan deduction will then appear on the employee's payslip.


It will also appear in the Other Deductions column on the Payroll screen.

And it will be added to the amount payable to HMRC in the "PAYE/NI Due to HMRC" column on the Payroll screen, and to the amount Owed on the PAYE and NI Summary screen under Taxes > PAYE and NI.


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