See the Tax Timeline in your calendar

This article explains how to synchronise the FreeAgent Tax Timeline with your Google, Outlook or iCal calendar.

The FreeAgent Tax Timeline displays a live projection of how much money you owe to HMRC and when you owe it, so you’ll know how much to set aside for tax bills. You can export the details of your tax deadlines into your Google, Outlook or iCal calendar by following these steps.

1. Enable the calendar feed

To start, select 'Settings' and 'Calendar feeds'.

settings page

Then select the 'Enable access' button in the 'Calendar feed status' area.

enable calendar feed

2. Download the Tax Timeline

Right-click on 'Tax Timeline' in the ‘iCal timeline feeds’ area and select ‘Copy link address’.

select tax timeline

3. Link the Tax Timeline to your calendar

Linking your Tax Timeline to your Google, Outlook or iCal calendar will import your forthcoming tax deadlines into your calendar. As new deadlines come up, your calendar will be automatically updated with the details.

Linking to a Google calendar

  • Open your Google calendar
  • Open the ‘Other Calendars’ drop-down menu
  • Select ‘Add by URL’ and paste the Tax Timeline link address into the text box
  • Select ‘Add calendar’

Linking to an iCal calendar

  • Open your iCal calendar
  • Navigate to ‘File’
  • Select ‘New calendar subscription’ and paste the Tax Timeline link address into the text box
  • Select ‘Subscribe’

Linking to an Outlook calendar

  • Open your Outlook calendar
  • Navigate to ‘File’ and ‘Account settings’
  • Open the ‘Internet calendars’ tab and select ‘New’
  • Paste the Tax Timeline link address into the text box and select ‘Add’
  • In the ‘Folder name’ field, write the name of the calendar as you want it to appear in Outlook and select ‘OK’
  • Select the ‘Other calendars’ checkbox in the calendar view to display the Tax Timeline calendar alongside your primary Outlook calendar.

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