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FreeAgent’s online accounting software for small businesses is easy to use, powerful and packed with features that free you from the pain of spreadsheets.

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Spreadsheets versus FreeAgent

Spreadsheets FreeAgent
Record money in and money out
Create, send and automatically chase invoices
Take photos of receipts and upload as expense figures
Manage all invoices, expenses, bank accounts in one place
Track the time you work
Automatically import bank transactions
Dedicated UK-based support by phone and email
File Self Assessment tax returns direct to HMRC
Automatically generate VAT returns and file direct to HMRC

Don’t risk your business with spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are great for simple tasks but for small business finances you need an online accounting solution that does it all. With nearly 90% of spreadsheets containing some type of flaw or error1, don’t put your business at risk by using error-prone, insecure and time-consuming accounting methods!
1'88% of Spreadsheets Have Errors', Jeremy Olshan, MarketWatch, 2013

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Nail the daily admin

Create estimates that can be converted into beautiful invoices, keep on top of expenses no matter where you are and easily manage projects and track your time.

Relax about tax

See at a glance how much tax you owe and when it’s due. File VAT and Self Assessment directly to HMRC, run monthly payroll and file RTI in real time.

See the big picture

Keep track of your cash flow and project profitability, and always know how your business is performing so you can plan ahead.

Our dedicated support team are just a phone call or email away if you need them. They’ll give you a hand to get off to a flying start.

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Probably the smartest Freelance business decision I've made to start off the new year was to signup with

Sonja Leix

Started my free trial of @freeagent. Easy to use interface and their support team were excellent when I called. Very impressed so far.

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Just started using @freeagent online accounting. I hate money management but hoping to love this software #copywriting

Rachel Thomas