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Did you enter your accounting details correctly when you set up your FreeAgent account? Watch one of our helpful videos on setting up your account:

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Four key features to get you up and running

Connect your bank account

  • Import transactions into FreeAgent daily to keep your accounts up to date
  • Save time with automatic bank transaction explanations
Connect your bank account

Create your first invoice

  • Set up recurring invoices to send automatically
  • Make late payment a thing of the past with automated invoice reminders
Create an invoice

Keep track of your expenses

  • Record expenses on the go with our mobile app
  • Upload expenses and mileage in bulk
Track your expenses

Manage your first project

  • See which projects are making or losing you money
  • Convert your estimates into projects with ease
Manage a project

We’re here to help

As you get to know FreeAgent, here are some options for when you have a question.

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The Knowledge Base

Our extensive Knowledge Base is an encyclopedia of all things FreeAgent, available 24/7.

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