Simple time tracking online

  • Quickly add daily timeslips for your current projects
  • Add weekly timesheets for speedy input of your time
  • Automatically generate invoices from unbilled time
  • Generate flexible PDF reports from your timeslips
  • Integration with Desktop Time Tracking widgets for more control
  • Add unbillable time to projects to track profitability

See how FreeAgent helps you track time and generate timesheet reports

Flexible timeslip entering

If you need complete visibility on how your time is being spent, FreeAgent lets you easily log timeslips for work done on active projects. Switch between weeks and months and see at a glance where your time is going. When the project is complete, generate an invoice from all unbilled time and send this to the client in minutes.

Timesheet Reporting at your fingertips

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At any stage in a project you can generate flexible and professional time tracking reports, broken down by Contact, Project, User and Tasks. If necessary, these can be printed off as high quality PDFs and submitted to the client, something especially useful for contractors.