Get a bird's eye view of your projects

Keep tabs on your project income, expenses and profitability with FreeAgent’s simple project management software.

See the big picture with all your project activity in one place

Projects run more smoothly when you can manage all the moving parts. See everything you need for any one project, including invoices, estimates, expenses, tasks and tracked time, all in the same place.

Manage complex projects with ease

Build up a to-do list of tasks for your project, then track your time against each task. Stay on top of work by marking tasks as complete as you make progress and move on to the next one!

Track all of your time from wherever you are

Record all the time that you and your team members spend on projects on both mobile and desktop, so you can always see where the time goes.

Get a clear view of project profitability

With FreeAgent’s simple project tracking software you can keep an eye on income and expenses so you always know which projects are making or losing you money.

Expose your biggest costs with project-level P&L reports

Uncover the biggest cost types for any given project with project-level profit and loss (P&L) reports.

Download the reports as PDF or CSV files to make it easier to report on successes and challenges or to compare individual projects.

The low-down on FreeAgent’s simple project management tools:

  • Clearly see project profitability, including income, time and expenses
  • Define project tasks and track status as they are completed
  • Track your billable and unbillable time
  • Set fixed price or time-based project budgets
  • Add notes to projects to keep a log of progress
  • Get project-level P&L reports

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