Making businesses happier and more successful by putting them in control of their finances

Taking care of big problems for small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers is what gets us up in the mornings.

Cast your mind back to 2007, we were all drooling over the very first iPhone, the Kindle was about to change our reading habits, FitBit decided we all needed to get in shape and of course the cherry on the cake was the launch of FreeAgent!

Our founders Ed, Olly and Roan had all been working as freelance designers or developers for a while, and were getting pretty tired of the mess and stress of bookkeeping. They put their heads together and decided that there must be a better way to deal with their mounting piles of invoices, spreadsheets and receipts. And so, FreeAgent was born.

FreeAgent today

From those humble beginnings of late nights coding and early morning coffee runs, FreeAgent has grown and evolved hugely.

Today, our award-winning accounting software helps over 100,000 small businesses take care of their finances and our Practice Dashboard feature allows accountants and bookkeepers to manage their clients at a glance.

From hiring our very first employee back in 2008, we’ve grown to over 200 employees who all share the same vision and values.

Since the company was acquired by the NatWest Group in early 2018, our growth has been given a turbo boost, yet we remain operationally independent of the group.

We’re all united by our mission to streamline business admin for small businesses, leaving them to focus on the more important stuff, just like Ed, Olly and Roan did all those years ago.

Meet our Executive team

Roan Lavery
Roan Lavery

CEO, Co-founder

Olly Headey
Olly Headey

CTO, Co-founder

Nick Longden
Nick Longden

Chief Sales Officer

Roseann Wilson
Roseann Wilson

Chief Marketing Officer

Katherine Tenner
Katherine Tenner

Chief Financial Officer

Donald Lindsay
Donald Lindsay

Chief People Officer

What makes us tick ❤️

We’re very lucky at FreeAgent to have lots of very lovely customers. The wonderful feedback that we receive on our product and the amazing job that our team do every day keeps us coming back for more.

Jemima Garthwaite


I want to say publicly (as I’ve said many times privately) the quick and thoughtful support that @freeagent offer their customers is GREAT.

Breaking Strain


Actually loving @freeagent. It's been a total revelation, is very user-friendly & has an excellent support hub.

Tom Albrighton


How did I freelance for 10 yrs without @freeagent? Book-keeping a breeze, auto invoice chasing and my support email answered in 32 minutes