1. Bulk Delete Transactions

    Being able to delete more than 2 transactions at a time.

  2. Estimates on Mobile

    Issuing estimates wherever your customer is.

  3. Bills on Mobile

    Deal with suppliers on the go with bills on FreeAgent Mobile.

  4. Self Assessment Updates 2016-2017

    Updating self assessment calculations for 2017.

  5. Default Contact Payment Terms

    You can now set default payment terms for each of your contacts.

  6. EC Sales List

    Prepare and export your EC sales list.

  7. Guess Improvements in Banking

    Adding more guess entries to turbo-charge your banking experience.

  8. Easier handling of fees in banking

    Making it quicker to explain online payment and bank fees.

  9. Final Accounts and Corporation Tax Filing

    Submit your final accounts to Companies House and file your company tax return with HMRC.

  10. Unexplained Transaction Search

    Search uncategorised bank transactions.