1. Self-assessment update

    Updated calculations and forms for 2015/16 self-assessment.

  2. 2-Step Verification

    An extra level of security for your account.

  3. Profit & Loss overview on mobile

    A year-to-date P & L widget on FreeAgent Mobile.

  4. Edit old payslips

    Edit older payslips to fix mistakes in payroll.

  5. 6 month cashflow view on mobile

    See your incomings and outgoings on FreeAgent Mobile.

  6. Tax timeline on mobile

    View your tax deadlines on FreeAgent Mobile.

  7. Tax Timeline Alerts on Mobile

    Get an in-app notification when your tax deadlines get near on FreeAgent Mobile.

  8. Credit Notes

    Easily create credit notes from an invoice.

  9. Construction Industry Scheme Support

    Support for the Construction Industry Scheme for subcontractors.

  10. Timers on FreeAgent Mobile

    Create running timers on the go.