1. Login attempts

    You can now track your account's logins and login attempts.

  2. Cross-client reporting

    Accountants can now create custom reports on the Practice Dashboard.

  3. RBS and NatWest Direct Bank Feeds

    You can now link your RBS or NatWest business banking directly with FreeAgent.

  4. Active Sessions

    All active sessions can now be viewed and managed.

  5. Default Contact Payment Terms

    You can now set default payment terms for each of your contacts.

  6. Guess Improvements in Banking

    Adding more guess entries to turbo-charge your banking experience.

  7. Easier handling of fees in banking

    Making it quicker to explain online payment and bank fees.

  8. Final Accounts and Corporation Tax Filing

    Submit your final accounts to Companies House and file your company tax return with HMRC.

  9. Audit trail

    A breadcrumb trail of your business finances.

  10. Unexplained Transaction Search

    Search uncategorised bank transactions.