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  1. Banking area improvements

    We've made some exciting improvements to our ‘Guess’ feature, helping you explain your transactions faster than ever before.

  2. Mobile app updates

    A raft of new features for the FreeAgent mobile app including Radar, Open Banking re-consent and more.

  3. Self Assessment filing for 2019/20

    Self Assessment filing for 2019/20 is now live!

  4. Foreign currency bills

    Now you can record bills in foreign currencies!

  5. Custom balance sheet categories

    You're now able to create your own balance sheet categories.

  6. Group expenses on invoices

    You can now group together all expenses as one line item on your invoices.

  7. VAT-exclusive estimates

    Exclude VAT from the estimates you send your customers.

  8. Improved credit notes process

    Streamlining how you create and net off credit notes within FreeAgent.

  9. 'Save for later’ receipts

    Save your receipts in FreeAgent, where you can then later attach them to expenses or bank transactions.