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Pricing Plans

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We’ve tailored our plans to make sure that you’ll have access to everything you need to manage your business finances - find out how FreeAgent compares to other software.

Limited company Partnerships* & LLP Sole traders*
Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Business Insights with Radar Yes Yes Yes
Estimates Yes Yes Yes
Invoicing Yes Yes Yes
Expenses Yes Yes Yes
Projects Yes Yes Yes
Time Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Payroll Yes Yes Yes
Banking Yes Yes Yes
VAT filing Yes Yes Yes
Self Assessment Yes Yes
End of Year filing Yes

All the features indicated above for your business type will be included if you choose ‘Traditional (accruals) basis’ when you set up your FreeAgent account. If you choose ‘Cash basis’, your FreeAgent account won’t include Stock or Payroll features. Find out more about choosing the appropriate accounting basis for your FreeAgent account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is accounting software?

Businesses and accounting professionals use accounting software to process financial transactions, store financial data and automate bookkeeping and accounting tasks. FreeAgent exists online, which means that you can access your data from devices connected to the internet, like a laptop or mobile phone. Check out our accounting glossary for more details.

Is FreeAgent MTD-compatible?

Yes, FreeAgent is an HMRC-recognised product for submitting MTD-compliant VAT returns.

Can I work with my accountant or bookkeeper in FreeAgent?

Yes, FreeAgent is built for small business owners and their accountants, and we’ve made it easy for you to use the software to work with an accountant or bookkeeper if you choose to do so.

If you don’t have an accountant at the moment and you’re interested in finding one, take a look at our comprehensive directory of accredited FreeAgent accountants.

How secure will my data be in FreeAgent?

FreeAgent is committed to protecting your personal and financial data using multiple layers of security. Your information is held securely in AWS data centres that meet the strictest security standards and comply with GDPR legislation.

All data held and processed by FreeAgent is secured using industry-standard encryption technologies, both in transit and at rest. FreeAgent’s application development process follows a secure development lifecycle and is protected at runtime to guard against potential malicious traffic and abuse.

Find out more about how FreeAgent keeps your data secure.

Does FreeAgent have a referral scheme?

Yes, we have a referral scheme for our customers who have a ‘direct’ subscription to FreeAgent. This means that their FreeAgent account is not provided by their bank or their accountant.

If you have a direct subscription and you refer someone who goes on to subscribe to FreeAgent, both of you will receive a 10% discount on your FreeAgent subscriptions. If you successfully refer 10 people, your FreeAgent account will become completely free. Referral discounts last for as long as both you and your referee maintain your subscriptions.

If your FreeAgent account is provided by either your bank or your accountant, you’re not eligible for the referral scheme as you don’t have a direct subscription.

Find out more about the FreeAgent referral scheme.