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We’ve tailored our plans to make sure that you’ll have access to everything you need to manage your business finances. Find out how FreeAgent compares to other software.

Feature availability per business type.
Limited company Partnership1 or LLP Sole trader1 Landlord
Core features
Business insights with Radar
Mobile app
Smart Capture2
Time tracking
Property finances
UK-based support
VAT filing
Self Assessment
End of Year filing
Optional add-ons
Smart Capture Unlimited2
£5/mo + VAT £5/mo + VAT £5/mo + VAT £5/mo + VAT
Amazon integration3
£6/mo + VAT £6/mo + VAT £6/mo + VAT

All the core features indicated above for your business type will be included if you choose 'Traditional (accruals) basis' when you set up your FreeAgent account. If you choose 'Cash basis', your FreeAgent account won't include Stock or Payroll features. Find out more about choosing the appropriate accounting basis for your FreeAgent account.

All businesses can use Smart Capture to process up to 10 receipts per month as standard. The Smart Capture Unlimited add-on enables unlimited use of the feature. You can purchase the add-on for £5 + VAT per month from within your FreeAgent account once you've subscribed. Find out more about Smart Capture.

All businesses can use the Amazon integration free of charge until 1st September 2024. To continue using it thereafter, you can purchase the add-on for £6 + VAT per month from within your FreeAgent account. Terms and conditions apply.

I honestly can't get over how impressively simple @freeagent is to use! Really enjoying my free trial at the moment!

The Money Shed

I must say that using @freeagent has saved me so much time and hassle, and made accounting almost a pleasure!

Claire Brotherton
A Bright Clear Web

When you've submitted your tax return and it wasn't anywhere near as stressful as previous years because @freeagent make it so easy to do via their accounting system.

Catherine Gladwyn
Delegate VA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is accounting software?

Businesses and accounting professionals use accounting software to process financial transactions, store financial data and automate bookkeeping and accounting tasks. FreeAgent exists online, which means that you can access your data from devices connected to the internet, like a laptop or mobile phone. Check out our accounting glossary for more details.

Is FreeAgent MTD-compatible?

Yes, FreeAgent is an HMRC-recognised product for submitting MTD-compliant VAT returns.

Can I work with my accountant or bookkeeper in FreeAgent?

Yes, FreeAgent is built for small business owners and their accountants, and we've made it easy for you to use the software to work with an accountant or bookkeeper if you choose to do so.

If you don't have an accountant at the moment and you're interested in finding one, take a look at our comprehensive directory of accredited FreeAgent accountants.

How secure will my data be in FreeAgent?

FreeAgent is committed to protecting your personal and financial data using multiple layers of security. Your information is held securely in AWS data centres that meet the strictest security standards and comply with GDPR legislation.

All data held and processed by FreeAgent is secured using industry-standard encryption technologies, both in transit and at rest. FreeAgent's application development process follows a secure development lifecycle and is protected at runtime to guard against potential malicious traffic and abuse.

Find out more about how FreeAgent keeps your data secure.

Does FreeAgent have a referral scheme?

Yes. If you have a direct subscription and you refer someone who goes on to subscribe to FreeAgent, both of you will receive a 10% discount on your FreeAgent subscriptions. If you successfully refer 10 people, your FreeAgent subscription will become free. Referral discounts last for as long as both you and your referee maintain your subscriptions.

If your FreeAgent account is provided by your bank, you can share your referral link, and any users you refer will earn 10% off their subscription if they subscribe to FreeAgent at the end of their free trial, but you won’t receive any discounts on your subscription, as you already receive your FreeAgent account free of charge. If your FreeAgent account is provided by your accountant, you are not eligible for the referral scheme.

Find out more about the FreeAgent referral scheme.

How do I subscribe to an optional add-on?

After you've signed up for a FreeAgent account, you can turn add-ons on and off via the Connections and Add-ons page, which you can access through your account menu or Billing page.

If you don't currently pay for your FreeAgent account - i.e. if your account is provided by your bank or your accountant - then you'll first need to set up a suitable payment method to pay for the add-on subscription.

How does billing work for the Smart Capture Unlimited add-on?

Without subscribing to the Smart Capture Unlimited add-on, you'll be able to use Smart Capture 10 times per calendar month. When you subscribe to the add-on, you'll be billed £5 + VAT each month, in a cycle that matches:

  • your monthly billing cycle, if you pay for your FreeAgent account monthly
  • the monthly equivalent of your annual billing cycle, if you pay for your FreeAgent account annually

If you don't currently pay for your FreeAgent account - i.e. if your account is provided by your bank or your accountant - then your Smart Capture Unlimited billing cycle will start on the day you subscribe.

If you cancel Smart Capture Unlimited, you will continue to have access for the rest of the billing cycle, and then your Smart Capture usage limit will revert to the calendar month. For example, if you are billed on the 15th of each month and you cancel on the 10th, you will have access to Smart Capture Unlimited until the 14th; then from the 15th to the end of the calendar month, you would be able to use it the standard 10 times, and 10 times each calendar month thereafter.

Find out more in our Knowledge Base.