Self Assessment software, sorted

Feel confident when you file your tax return. FreeAgent is made for this.

  • Up to 90% of the Self Employment form can be auto-populated
  • The majority of users can file their return directly to HMRC
  • Get a detailed tax breakdown without having to contact HMRC

Submit your tax return directly to HMRC in three simple steps

Check over the numbers

Add in the extra details

Click the button to submit

Complete your tax return online with ease

Sole trader or limited company director? As you go about your daily business, FreeAgent works away to calculate your Self Assessment liability and prepare your tax return in the background.

All the numbers you need, ready and waiting

FreeAgent auto-populates some of the Self Assessment forms based on the information you enter throughout the year. When you come to file, up to 90% of the sole trader Self Employment form will already be filled in - just like magic!

Avoid surprise tax bills with a real-time view of how much you owe

With a clear overview of your tax position you can see all your liabilities build up over time, so you’ll know what you owe and won't be left scrambling at the last minute.

Make sure there’s enough in the bank to cover your bill

With bank feeds, you can get an accurate picture of how much you have in your account - so you’ll know if you have enough to pay your next tax bill or if you need to get chasing those unpaid invoices!

Get a detailed breakdown of your tax position

The 'Your Tax Breakdown' page is the equivalent of HMRC’s SA302 form - many lenders accept this in place of the official form when you apply for a self-employed mortgage.

Never miss another tax deadline

FreeAgent’s unique Tax Timeline shows live updates of your tax calculation and upcoming deadlines.

Export this feed in iCal format and then import into Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple iCal - whatever works for you.

You could get FreeAgent for free

Get FreeAgent for free if you have a business current account with NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Ulster Bank NI, or a business account with Mettle, for as long as you retain your account.

Here's the nitty-gritty about FreeAgent’s Self Assessment software:

  • Save time on admin with up to 90% of the Self Employment form auto-populated for sole traders
  • File your tax return directly to HMRC (if you’re a sole trader or director of a limited company)
  • Access the Main Return, Self Employment, Employment and Tax Adjustments forms
  • Get help with built-in support that helps you understand and fill in the forms
  • Never miss a deadline with a breakdown of Self Assessment payments on the Tax Timeline
  • Get a detailed tax breakdown without having to contact HMRC

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