Self Assessment, sorted

Find out how much you owe and then submit directly to HMRC.

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Fill and file your tax return online

As you go about your daily business FreeAgent works away, calculating your Self Assessment liability. When it's time to file, FreeAgent fills up to 90% of the Sole Trader Self Employment form, and you can submit your tax return directly to HMRC!

Example FreeAgent Self Assessment forms

A real-time view of how much you owe

Because you can see your liabilities build up over time, you'll know what you owe and won't be left scrambling at the last minute.

Never miss another tax deadline

Your Tax Timeline shows live updates of your tax position and deadlines.

Export this feed in iCal format, which you can then import into Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple iCal.

FreeAgent's Self Assessment Tax Timeline

Here's the nitty-gritty about Self Assessment:

  • Detailed tax breakdown shows exactly how your tax liability is calculated
  • Tax timeline of Self Assessment payments
  • Automatically completes up to 90% of the Self Employment form for Sole Traders
  • Sole Traders and directors of Limited Companies can file their return directly to HMRC
  • Support for the Main Return, Self Employment, Employment and Tax Adjustments forms
  • Built-in support helps you understand and fill in the forms

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