FreeAgent isn't the only one out there trying to make life better for small business owners and freelancers - here are some great organisations and businesses that we partner with.

Communities & Networks

  • BizBritain


    Providing support and resources for young entrepreneurs in the UK who haven’t been to university; working hard to oust the misconception that going to university automatically leads to success in life, and campaigning to reduce youth unemployment by creating a new generation of entrepreneurs.

  • Creativepool


    Creativepool is a professional network and resource for the creative industries. Showcase and share work, promote services, broadcast news, publish content and recruit and find new business.

  • kindredHQ


    kindredHQ is a community network of freelancers and independents who share experience, connections and support through the website. You can also access products and services designed with you in mind.

  • Enterprise Nation

    Enterprise Nation

    Enterprise Nation is a thoroughly modern business club helping people turn their good ideas into great businesses - on their website, in books and at events.

  • nacue


    Working across 135 college and university campuses to support the growth of enterprise societies, connect and train enterprising students, represent and celebrate the UK’s young entrepreneurs.

  • The National Enterprise Network

    The National Enterprise Network

    Membership body of not-for-profit organisations committed to the support and development of enterprise. Members provide independent and impartial advice, training and mentoring to new and emerging businesses.

  • Picklance


    Picklance is the British marketplace where you can hire selected professionals to help you grow your business, from web developers and marketers to designers, copywriters and market experts.



    NEXTFREE helps freelance contractors and consultants share their availability for new work with the world in one simple update - for free.

Products & Services

  • Rapid Formations

    Rapid Formations

    Rapid Formations is the UK’s top-rated company formation agent, with over 2,000 excellent customer reviews.

  • Made Simple Group

    Made Simple Group

    The Made Simple Group are there for every step of your business’s lifetime. From the start-up onwards, they provide a range of services that make business simple for you.

  • Neardesk


    Work anywhere - NearDesk lets you rent desk space by the minute at dozens of locations around the UK.

  • The Formations Company

    The Formations Company makes it easy for you to create your Limited company. Committed to supporting new UK businesses they created to inspire and discuss the things that matter.

  • Penelope


    A phone system in your pocket, our mobile app allows you to route your calls to any number that suits you - wherever you go, your calls go too. Penelope gives you everything you need to handle your calls brilliantly and make you look bigger, more professional!

  • PracticeWEB


    PracticeWEB supports the business development needs of some of the UK's top accounting firms. They design, build, host and maintain interactive websites that improve a firm's online presence and help them engage with their clients and prospects.

  • Grow


    Grow provides easy-to-use business dashboards that allow users to track key metrics, inspire their team and make better decisions.

  • Halo Financial

    Halo Financial

    Halo Financial provides market-leading currency exchange rates to small business. Whether you are paying offshore invoices or funding overseas activity, Halo delivers a high-touch customer service that saves you up to 4% on high street exchange rates.

  • Quality Formations

    Quality Formations

    Quality Formations provides simple company formation services, supporting its customers before, during and after company formation, with a dedicated company secretary team providing post incorproation services.

  • 1st Formations

    1st Formations

    1st Formations supports new businesses with online incorporation of limited companies, central London address service, business bank accounts and domain names, with customer support by telephone, live chat and email.

  • Formations Factory

    Formations Factory

    Formations Factory is a company formations agent that specialises in setting up private limited companies with a fresh approach to the online formation process.

  • Contractor Finance

    Contractor Finance

    Business finance for freelance contractors at a fraction of the cost of traditional factoring companies. Not only that but, uniquely, clients’ timesheets are funded, unlike other factoring companies who only fund invoices.

Support & Improvement

  • Advantage Business Partnerships

    Advantage Business Partnerships

    The Advantage Business Partnerships team provide coaching, mentoring, consulting and training services for small and much larger businesses whether starting up, growing, looking to exit or turn their business around.

  • Great Business

    Great Business

    Government and other partners are working together to support new business startups and growth. Between us we've got all the advice, inspiration and practical help you need to turn a dream into a working profitable business.

  • LawBite


    LawBite is an innovative digital legal service. Featuring template e-sign legal docs and expert commercial lawyers who can provide fixed-fee legal advice, LawBite brings the law into the 21st century, making it more accessible and affordable for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

  • Company Bug

    Company Bug

    Company Bug helps small business owners through every stage of growth, from deciding upon a business structure, to getting online, growing sales and employing staff.

  • IT Contracting

    IT Contracting

    IT Contracting provides expert content for contractors and freelancers in the IT industry.


  • IPSE


    With over 21,000 members, IPSE is the largest association for independent professionals in the EU, representing freelancers, contractors and consultants from every sector of the economy.

  • FCSA


    The leading trade association for professional employment services (umbrella, accountancy, payroll), FCSA works to support the sector and the flexible workforce.