FreeAgent for Landlords is on its way

Construction is under way on a brand new version of our award-winning accounting software, built specifically for landlords.

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Software to let you get on with letting

FreeAgent for Landlords will help you manage your property finances, prepare your Self Assessment tax return, including automatically completing the property pages where possible, and submit it directly to HMRC.*

To register your interest in FreeAgent for Landlords, simply enter your email address. Don't want to wait? Take a look at our accountant and bookkeeper directory to find a FreeAgent Practice Partner who can get you started with FreeAgent for Landlords right away.

*Self Assessment functionality will be available from January 2024.

Accounting software built specifically for landlords

Manage your property

Record your property income and costs in an easy and intuitive way, and view the profitability of each property.

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Automated admin for your
rental income

Built-in functionality that can automate the process of recording your rental income.

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Be ready for
Self Assessment

From January 2024, you’ll be able to submit your Self Assessment return directly to HMRC from FreeAgent for Landlords.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is FreeAgent for Landlords for?

Designed specifically for individuals who earn income from property, FreeAgent for Landlords is for landlords who:

  • do not treat their property rentals as limited companies for tax purposes
  • earn income from up to five properties
Will I be able to use FreeAgent for Landlords with an accountant?

Yes, FreeAgent for Landlords is built for landlords and their accountants, and we’ve made it easy for you to use the software to work with an accountant or bookkeeper if you choose to do so.

If you don’t have an accountant at the moment and you’re interested in finding one, take a look at our comprehensive directory of accredited FreeAgent accountants.

Does FreeAgent for Landlords support Self Assessment?

We’re currently developing this functionality, and from January 2024, FreeAgent for Landlords will auto-populate the UK property (SA105) pages of the Self Assessment form and allow you to submit the return directly to HMRC from the software.

If you have other (non-property) income to include, such as income from self-employment, you will be able to enter this manually in FreeAgent for Landlords and include it with your Self Assessment submission. However, please note that if you choose to submit your return to HMRC through FreeAgent for Landlords, you will not be able to submit any additional details via an alternative provider, as you can only make one Self Assessment submission.

If you use a separate sole trader or limited company FreeAgent account to record your other income, you can only make a submission from one version of the software. For example, if you choose to submit from a sole trader FreeAgent account, your Self Employment pages will be auto-populated where possible, but you will have to manually enter the figures for the Property pages (which you can obtain from your FreeAgent for Landlords account).

Conversely, if you choose to submit from a FreeAgent for Landlords account, the Property pages will be auto-populated where possible, but you will have to manually enter the figures for the Self Employment pages (which you can obtain from your sole trader FreeAgent account).