Never forget to record that receipt

Hassle-free expense tracking wherever you are

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Upload expenses from your smartphone

Snap and upload your receipts

Sort out your expenses right there and then - snap receipts with your phone and upload them to FreeAgent wherever you are. Your project expenses will never be out of date again!

Self-employed expense tracking

Simple expense tracking

Whether it's a regular business payment or you're just grabbing a coffee on the go, FreeAgent lets you track all the expenses you incur while running your business.

Track bank payments and 'out-of-pocket' expenses so you never forget to record an expense. Customise a comprehensive list of expense categories to build accurate accounts which are invaluable at tax time.

Automatically-recurring expenses and bills

Work smarter and don't get caught out

If you work with suppliers, you can record upcoming payments, see what you owe and plan ahead with confidence.

Set up automatically-recurring expenses for things like magazine subscriptions or web hosting so you don't have to worry about entering them again, and again, and again.

Employee expenses

Employees can record their own out-of-pocket expenses too, and a running balance shows how much is to be reimbursed at any time. Flexible permissions let you control what your employees can see and do.

Expense tracking for employees

Here's the nitty-gritty about expenses:

  • Track business costs and expenses easily through reconciliation with business bank accounts
  • Record out-of-pocket expenses, even on the go
  • Keep track of supplier invoices and accounts payable status
  • Keep track of expenses with flexible reporting by date and employee
  • Expenses allocated in real-time to your accounts and your tax liabilities updated
  • Attach expense receipt images for reference and download

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