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We organise regular webinars and Facebook events to help you learn more about FreeAgent and answer your questions about the software.

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Getting Started webinar

Every second Thursday, 2:00pm (30min)
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Designed especially for new customers, this live webinar will give you the lowdown on FreeAgent’s key features, and our support team can answer any questions you might have.

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Latest webinar recordings

Happy piggy bank with money coming in
Quids in: smarter ways to get paid with FreeAgent

In this short webinar, our in-house expert, Sarah Dewe, explores how FreeAgent’s smart invoicing and payment solutions can help you nail the daily admin and keep your piggy bank smilin’.

Crystal clear: understand your cashflow with FreeAgent

In just 30 minutes, one of our product experts talks you through cashflow: why it’s so important, how to track it, and how you can use cashflow forecasting to plan your business’s future.

Back to basics: key accounting terms in plain English

In this webinar, our Chief Accountant, Emily Coltman FCA, translates accounting lingo into plain English so you can confidently discuss your business finances and get a little closer to fluency in ‘Accountantese’.