An expert accountant, right by your side in FreeAgent

CoPilot is a revolutionary way of working with an accountant partner, directly within FreeAgent.

  • Work in FreeAgent with an accountant partner
  • Get their help with managing your business
  • Make the most of their expert industry insight

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Already a FreeAgent customer?

CoPilot makes it easier than ever to find and work alongside an accountant

Our specialist CoPilot accountant partners can help take the stress out of doing your business finances. They’re all experts in FreeAgent and have years of experience working with small businesses like yours and giving them the support they need to be successful.

How CoPilot works

  1. 1. Choose your accountant

    Take a look at our CoPilot accountant partners to find the perfect fit for your business. Once you've decided which one you want to work with, send them a message.

  2. 2. Get to know each other

    Your chosen CoPilot accountant will be in touch to see if you have the right chemistry to work together. Once you've decided, you can sign up to CoPilot right away. At this point you can also discuss costs for any historic filing.

  3. 3. Start working together

    Once you've signed up, you can start working with your accountant from right inside your FreeAgent account.

Just register your interest when you sign up for a free trial and we’ll get back in touch with more information.

What will a CoPilot accountant partner do?

Your CoPilot accountant can help take the stress out of doing your business finances and enable you to grow with confidence. All the accountancy services listed below are included in the monthly fee.

Your CoPilot accountant will:

  • prepare and file your Self Assessment tax return
  • check your bookkeeping process is accurate and up to date
  • check you’re claiming all the right expenses and guide you on which expenses you can claim
  • give support and advice on your business finances when you need it
  • have access to an in-app messaging tool to answer questions
  • help ensure you pay the right amount of tax

If you're VAT registered

  • help you prepare and file your VAT returns, including MTD-compliant VAT returns

If you run payroll:

  • help you prepare and file payroll

How much does CoPilot cost?

Sole trader Not VAT registered VAT registered
0-2 employees £30.00 / month £45.00 / month
3-10 employees £50.00 / month £65.00 / month
0-2 employees £50.00 / month £65.00 / month
3-10 employees £70.00 / month £85.00 / month
Limited companies & limited liability partnerships*
0-2 employees £60.00 / month £75.00 / month
3-10 employees £80.00 / month £95.00 / month

* Partnerships pricing is limited to two partners' Self Assessment per annum

All prices are in addition to your usual FreeAgent subscription and are shown without VAT

Your accountant may ask for an initial one-off payment on top of your subscription for work which falls outside of the CoPilot service, for example reviewing historic accounts or dealing with late tax returns. FreeAgent will retain 20% of the monthly payment and 20% of any one-off fees paid to your CoPilot accountant.

Existing FreeAgent customers

Interested in CoPilot? Why not contact our support team? They'd be happy to help you decide if CoPilot is right for you and your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FreeAgent’s relationship to its CoPilot accountant partners?
CoPilot accountant partners are accountants based in the UK who already use FreeAgent with their clients. They are not employed by FreeAgent or any outsourced service provider. All CoPilot accountant partners have passed FreeAgent’s accreditation exam and have been using FreeAgent with their clients for at least a year. You can trust that a CoPilot accountant partner will have the knowledge and experience to help you get the most out of using FreeAgent.
Why can’t I see any mention of CoPilot in my account?
CoPilot is currently available for a subset of eligible businesses. If you don’t see CoPilot but are interested, please contact our support team. They’ll be more than happy to see if there’s anything they can do for you.
What if I’m not happy with the accountant I select?
If you have any problems, just let us know by emailing: and we will either resolve the situation to your satisfaction or invite you to choose a new accountant.
How will I communicate with my accountant?
As soon as you’ve completed the required identity checks with your accountant, you can communicate by messaging each other directly in FreeAgent. Your accountant has access to your FreeAgent account and can view your figures at the same time as you.
What do the identity checks with my accountant entail?
In general, there will be an ID check to prove your identity, along with some basic paperwork to set you up as a client on your accountant’s system. If your business is a limited company, there may also be a check on your directorship of the business.
Can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time, with one month's notice. Just email us at:
How will payment be taken?
We’ll take payment for CoPilot on your next FreeAgent payment date. The CoPilot charge will be added to your usual subscription amount and taken each month for as long as you subscribe to the service. If you pay for FreeAgent annually, you’ll be billed each month for CoPilot in addition to your annual subscription.
What is an additional fee?
After speaking to a CoPilot accountant you may decide that work in addition to the standard CoPilot service is needed to get you up and running. This could be reviewing historic accounts or dealing with late tax returns. You can arrange a one-off fee with your accountant for this work which will be added to your first subscription payment.

Need to know more?

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Email us at or call us on 0800 288 8691. Phone lines are open Monday - Thursday, 9am to 5pm and Friday, 9am - 4pm.

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