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  1. iPad support

    Our iOS app is now optimised for the iPad’s bigger screen.

  2. Connect bank feeds on mobile

    You can now set up new bank feeds using the FreeAgent mobile app.

  3. 'Capture for later’ receipts

    Save receipts & documents in the Files area.

  4. Cashflow

    You can now see your near-term cashflow forecast.

  5. ‘Quick Send’ invoice reminders

    A quick and easy way to remind customers to pay when an invoice becomes overdue.

  6. Audit Trail

    A list of all the activity in your account, broken down by user.

  7. Corporation Tax CT600 form

    A pre-filled CT600 form, created from the transactions in your account.

  8. Extract data from your receipts

    Automatically extract key information from receipts when using ‘Capture for later’.

  9. End of Year Corporation Tax & Final Accounts

    Submit micro-entity accounts and company tax returns in FreeAgent.

  10. Multi-line bills

    Add multiple line items to your supplier bills in FreeAgent.