1. FreeAgent for Landlords

    A new account type for our Practice Partners to use with their landlord clients.

  2. Cash basis accounting

    Sole traders and partnerships can calculate their accounts on the cash basis.

  3. Easy theme customisation

    Effortlessly create an invoice and estimate theme using our customisation tool.

  4. Bank Reconciliation Report

    A bank account reconciliation summary across a specified date range.

  5. Payroll end of year resubmissions

    Ability to make corrections for prior year payslips.

  6. Closing payroll schemes

    You’ll be able to close down a payroll scheme within FreeAgent.

  7. Improved Cashflow Forecasting

    Cashflow now includes credit card, personal and foreign currency accounts.

  8. New look and feel

    Updates to FreeAgent’s logo, fonts and colours.

  9. Dark mode on mobile

    You can now use dark mode on the FreeAgent mobile app.

  10. Payslip email notifications

    Send notifications to employees to access their payslips within FreeAgent.