1. Payslip notification emails

    Send notifications to employees to access their payslips within FreeAgent.

  2. Self Assessment filing in FreeAgent for Landlords

    Submit property and self-employment income directly to HMRC using FreeAgent.

  3. Amazon Seller Marketplace integration

    Integrate your Amazon Marketplace transactions with FreeAgent.

  4. UK property pages in Self Assessment

    Sole traders and company directors can include SA105 forms with submissions.

  5. Improvements to GoCardless online payments

    Schedule GoCardless Direct Debit payments to be taken on the invoice due date.

  6. Improvements to capital assets

    Enter assets with no depreciation or using the reducing balance method.

  7. Payroll reporting

    Export a detailed breakdown of the payroll figures submitted to HMRC.

  8. Timeline preferences

    Choose which items and tax amounts are displayed on your Tax Timeline.

  9. Automatic pension calculations

    Automate the pension contribution calculations in employee payroll profiles.

  10. Change of year end

    Change your business's accounting year end date in FreeAgent.