Get a bird's eye view of your projects

Keep tabs on your project income, expenses and profitability with FreeAgent’s simple project management software.

  • Better visibility - all your project activity in one place
  • Keep an eye on project income and expenses
  • Manage complex projects with ease

Better project visibility

Projects run more smoothly when you can manage all the moving parts. See everything you need for any one project, including invoices, estimates, expenses, tasks and tracked time, all in the same place.

Project management for freelancers and small businesses

Clear project profitability

Keep an eye on project income and expenses so you know which projects are making (or losing!) you money.

Track your project profitability
Track project tasks and time

Manage your projects

Build up a to-do list of tasks for your project, then track your time against each one. Mark tasks as complete as you make progress, and move on to the next one!

Monitor your 'unbillable' time as well, so you know where all those hours go.

Here's the nitty-gritty about projects:

  • Clearly see project profitability, including income, time and expenses
  • Define project tasks and track status as they are completed
  • Track your billable and unbillable time
  • Set fixed price or time-based project budgets
  • Add notes to projects to keep a log of progress
  • Import projects from Basecamp

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