Digital accessibility

We are committed to improving the accessibility of our products and we are working towards full compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 at Level AA. FreeAgent’s products include:

  • Semantic HTML and heading structure
  • ‘Skip to content’ feature for keyboard users
  • Accessible colour palette for users with visual impairments
  • Use of WAI-ARIA where HTML element semantics are not enough to convey its purpose to assistive technology
  • Useful alternative text for images

How we test our products

  • Under HMRC guidelines, we conduct annual audits to ensure our compliance.
  • While creating new pages we use accessibility testing tools such as aXe and WAVE, and periodically perform screen reader testing using Voiceover on Mac OS and NVDA on Windows.
  • We periodically commission third-party accessibility tests of key, widely used components.

Contact us

For any accessibility-related issues or feedback please email