Brand assets

Looking for the FreeAgent logo?

We love it when people want to talk or write about FreeAgent, so here's a few different logos and icons that you can use.

Full-colour logo [155kb, ZIP]

Use on light, plain backgrounds

White logo [215kb, ZIP]

Use on dark or patterned backgrounds

Full Colour Mark [139kb, ZIP]

Use for icons or instead of logo at small sizes

Download all assets [513kb, ZIP]

Usage and restrictions

Before downloading, we’d be grateful if you could spare a few moments to read our guidelines on how the FreeAgent brand should be used:

  • Don’t change the colour or dimensions of the FreeAgent logo
  • Don’t stretch or squeeze it. Maintain the original height-to-width ratio
  • Don’t modify the FreeAgent logos in any way
  • Don’t use the FreeAgent logo on physical merchandise (no fan t-shirts please!)

We’re here to help

If you have any questions about where or how to use our logos please just get in touch.