Take care of business wherever you are with FreeAgent’s mobile accounting app

Manage your business accounts on the go with FreeAgent’s powerful mobile app.

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Record all your small business expenses

Save time by snapping photos of receipts and recording your expenses on the go. FreeAgent can even automatically extract the receipt date and amount for you. Your project expenses should never be out of date again!

Track time on the go

Heading into a meeting? Just tap to start a timer in FreeAgent, then stop it when you're out to record the time. If you forget to stop or start the timer, simply create a timeslip after the meeting and enter all the details.

Create, send and manage invoices

Create, edit and send professional-looking invoices directly from your mobile phone. Stay on top of customer payments at a glance with a simple dashboard overview showing you which invoices have been paid and which are due or overdue.

Track your mileage on the road

With FreeAgent in your pocket you can record your business mileage straight from your car - just make sure it’s parked first!

Manage payments to your suppliers

Keep track of the bills you owe to your suppliers and quickly see what you owe, when it’s due and what you’ve already paid.

Stay on top of your banking admin

View your bank balances and statements and easily explain your transactions to track your cashflow more accurately.

See the bigger business picture

Keep track of where your business is heading with cashflow figures, bank balances, profit and loss and tax deadlines all on hand. With all your figures in one place, FreeAgent is the only small business accounting app you need.

Keep your accounts in sync with cloud accounting

FreeAgent is cloud accounting software, which means that you can access and edit your accounts from multiple devices and they’ll all stay in perfect sync.

Never miss another tax deadline with the Tax Timeline

Sudden panic about whether you have enough in the bank to meet an upcoming tax deadline? No need to worry! Just check your Tax Timeline on the FreeAgent accounting app - or the Mettle banking app, if you're a Mettle customer - to see when your tax is due and how much the bill will be.

The essentials of FreeAgent’s mobile accounting app:

  • Keep your accounts up to date when you’re on the go
  • Get a clear overview of your bank balances, profit and loss and future tax deadlines
  • Snap expense receipts on the go and upload them to your FreeAgent account
  • Create, send and track invoices and see who owes you what at a glance
  • Track billable and unbillable time when you’re away from your desk
  • Reconcile unexplained bank transactions while you’re on the move

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Download FreeAgent app from the App StoreDownload FreeAgent app from Google Play