What are allowable expenses for small businesses?

Find out more about which small business expenses are allowable for tax relief from HMRC.

A-Z of small business expenses & costs

Not sure if you're allowed to claim tax relief on your business expenses and costs?

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Business expenses guides

How to manage your day-to-day expenses

Buried under a pile of receipts? Use this guide to get on top of your business expenses.

Will HMRC accept scanned receipts for business expenses?

When you're running a business, do you have to keep paper copies of all your receipts, or will HMRC accept scanned copies?

Entertaining for business? Make sure you know what expenses you can claim

If you're taking a client out for lunch, don't assume that you can claim tax relief for the cost!

Can you claim expenses on your work clothes?

When you’re in business as a sole trader, you’ll almost certainly buy clothes to wear when you’re working. Find out whether or not you claim tax relief on them?

Travel and accommodation expenses explained

Self-employed? Regularly travel long distances for your business? Discover what expenses you could be claiming.

Working from home? Learn which expenses you can claim

If you work from home you're entitled to include part of the property's running costs in your accounts – here's how.

The financial implications of switching to a co-working space

Whether you’ve decided that co-working is the right way to go or need more information, read our lowdown on the financial implications and tax matters involved in switching to a co-working space.

Can you claim for an animal?

Find out when, and how, the cost of buying and caring for an animal is tax-deductible.

Are you claiming for food in the right way?

We all have to eat to live, but when does the cost of food become tax deductible?

Self employed expenses guide

Take a quick look at some of the issues for sole traders and LLP partners relating to out-of-pocket expenses.

Allowable expenses for landlords

Find out which costs you can deduct when you’re working out your profit figure ahead of declaring your property income to HMRC.

Guide to claiming travel expenses as an employee

What counts as a travel expense can be tricky as the line between personal and business travel is blurred. Here's a guide to help clear it up.

What counts as an employee expense?

As an employee you might well have to pay for some business costs yourself – but which ones can you claim back?

Mileage costs for your business travel

If you drive your own car to travel on business, what costs can you claim?

Tax benefits to claim as a sole trader working from home

Find out more about the tax reliefs that apply to you if you work all, or part of your time, at home.

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