Coronavirus Furlough claim calculator for monthly payroll

Follow the steps below to calculate how much you can claim from the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for each furloughed employee.

This calculator works for single monthly pay periods. This means you will need to input the information separately for each monthly pay period in which the employee is furloughed.

For full and part time employees on salaries, enter the employee’s usual gross monthly pay. For employees on other contracts, see the government's guidance.

Include National Insurance contributions (NICs)?

Select ‘yes’ if the employer usually makes National Insurance contributions (NICs) for this employee.

Include pension contributions?

Select ‘yes’ if the employer usually pays into a pension for this employee.

Full claim amount:


Furloughed wage:


Employer NICs:


Employer pension contribution:


Furloughed days:


For more information on claiming pay for furloughed employees, check the government’s guidance.

How we calculate your furlough claim
  • This calculator is for monthly payroll claims only, it doesn’t support weekly payroll.
  • The claim amount for the base wage is calculated at 80% of an employee’s usual monthly wage, up to a maximum day rate of £81.52.
  • ‘Furlough start date’ is the date from which the employee was furloughed. To be eligible for the grant, the employee must be furloughed for at least 21 consecutive days.
  • 'Pay period end date' is the last day of the pay period for which you're calculating your furlough claim.
  • Following HMRC’s guidance, public holidays and weekends are included in the calculation.
  • The employer pension contribution claim is calculated at 3% on earnings over the qualified earnings minimum, which was £512 before 6th April 2020 and £520 after 6th April 2020.
  • Employer NICs are calculated at 13.8% on earnings over the monthly threshold, which was £719 before 6th April 2020, and £732 after 6th April 2020.
  • If your employee has not been furloughed for a full month, we assume that the employee is paid their full daily rate for non-furloughed days. We then calculate NICs based on their furloughed and non-furloughed wages and pro-rata the total NICs payable that are attributable to the furloughed wages.
  • All of the above is subject to change if HMRC updates its guidance.

*Disclaimer: We have made every attempt to make sure that the calculations are correct but FreeAgent Central Ltd cannot be held responsible for incorrect output from this calculator or for the outcome of any decisions you make as a result of using it. Full terms and conditions.

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