Meet the team

  • Ed Molyneux

    Ed Molyneux

    CEO, Founder

  • Olly Headey

    Olly Headey

    CTO, Co-founder

  • Roan Lavery

    Roan Lavery

    Product Director, Co-founder


  • Kevin McCallum

    Kevin McCallum

    Business Development Director

  • Roseann Wilson

    Roseann Wilson

    Communications Director

  • Emily Coltman

    Emily Coltman

    Chief Accountant

  • Katherine Tenner

    Katherine Tenner

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Isobel Rigby

    Isobel Rigby

    Office Manager

Support Team

  • Charissa Gracie

    Charissa Gracie

    Practice Support Manager

  • Janice Atherton

    Janice Atherton

    Support Manager

  • Suzanne H

    Suzanne H

    Senior Support Accountant

  • Michelle Smith

    Michelle Smith

    Support Accountant

  • George Grigolava

    George Grigolava

    Support Accountant

  • Debbie Melville-Rens

    Debbie Melville-Rens

    Support Accountant

  • Iain Michael

    Iain Michael

    Support Accountant

  • Darren Kelly

    Darren Kelly

    Asssistant Support Accountant

Business Development

  • David Gauld

    David Gauld

    Business Development - Operations

  • Valerie Main

    Valerie Main

    Business Development Manager

  • Andrew Garvey

    Andrew Garvey

    Regional Sales Manager

  • Michael Fletcher

    Michael Fletcher

    Account Manager

  • Steven Neate

    Steven Neate

    Inside Sales


  • Linda Grant

    Linda Grant

    Customer Communications

  • Adrian Mather

    Adrian Mather

    Social Media & PR

  • Danae Shell

    Danae Shell

    Online Content & Data Analysis

  • Rike Jones

    Rike Jones

    Customer Communications

  • Dave Evans

    Dave Evans

    Data Scientist

  • Jessica Adair

    Jessica Adair

    Web Content

  • Clair Simpson

    Clair Simpson

    Customer Communications

  • Jennie Adams

    Jennie Adams



  • Thomas Haggett

    Thomas Haggett

    Head of Engineering Operations

  • Jonathan Barrett

    Jonathan Barrett

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Paul Smith

    Paul Smith

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Anup Narkhede

    Anup Narkhede

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Murray Summers

    Murray Summers

    Software Engineer

  • Harry Mills

    Harry Mills

    Software Engineer

  • Alberto Fernàndez-Capel

    Alberto Fernàndez-Capel

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Caius Durling

    Caius Durling

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Ceri Shaw

    Ceri Shaw

    Engineering Manager

  • David Pilling

    David Pilling

    Software Engineer

  • Donal McBreen

    Donal McBreen

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Nathan Howard

    Nathan Howard

    Senior Operations Engineer

  • Jingkai He

    Jingkai He

    Software Engineer

  • Steven Williamson

    Steven Williamson

    Senior Operations Engineer

  • Ioan Serban

    Ioan Serban

    Software Engineer

Support Engineering

  • Dave Jones

    Dave Jones

    Senior Support Engineer

Design and Product Development

  • Josh Hughes

    Josh Hughes

    Senior Product Designer

  • Paddy Duke

    Paddy Duke

    Senior Product Designer

  • Andy Irvine

    Andy Irvine

    UX Team Lead

  • Derek Russell

    Derek Russell

    Communications Designer

  • Scott Forbes

    Scott Forbes

    Communications Design Team Lead

  • Lindsay McDougall

    Lindsay McDougall

    Communications Designer