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LCCS is an accounting firm focusing on providing superior tax and accounting service to small businesses, specifically targeting contractors, freelancers, consultants and the self-employed.                   Our expert advice and bespoke tax planning systems will maximise your tax efficiency as no one wants to pay more tax than they should.                            Our revolutionary Live Tax Report means you’re always in control of your taxes. It provides an integrated, on-demand tax summary covering your company and personal taxes, optimising your tax efficiency and ensuring you have no surprises at tax time.

In a world where we can fly helicopters on Mars we must be able to better service these undervalued businesses that are ignored by the big accounting firms.

That is why we developed the Live Tax Report - a fully automated report that keeps you informed throughout the year of not just how much corporation tax you will need to pay, but also how much your personal tax bill will be.

We understand that for our clients tax is tax. It doesn't matter if its coming from the company account or the personal account. What matters is how much is left at the end to spend.

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