Your data is in safe hands We keep your data in a nuclear bunker. No, really.

The best hardware and facilities

We own our hardware and host our dedicated servers with The Bunker, one of the most secure hosting providers in the world.

Our Tier 3 data centres are connected to the internet via multiple network providers ensuring a fully redundant network and 100% network uptime.

Disaster Recovery

In addition to our primary data center we maintain, at all times, a secondary, standby data center in a geographically separate location, which is ready to take over the running of the site should our primary data center experience catastrophic failure of any kind. The procedure to perform this transition is both well defined and routinely tested.

Secure connections at all time

The security of your data is our number 1 concern.

FreeAgent uses 256-bit SSL technology to encrypt all transactions between you and our servers. It’s the same technology that banks use to protect data.

Data redundancy and backup

Redundancy and resilience is built into our hosting infrastructure. We operate out of two geographically isolated data centres (DCs), so we can offer full DC-level failover in the unlikely event that an entire DC becomes unavailable.

As well as maintaining multiple real-time copies of our database across two separate data centres, we additionally run a full database backup every four hours with additional incremental backups several times an hour. These backups are encrypted and transferred to a secure offsite location.

In addition, we also allow you to download all of your data from within your FreeAgent account at any time, giving you total peace of mind.

As of March 2013 we are compliant with the PCI DSS SAQ-D security standard.

Here's the nitty gritty about security:

  • Secure 256-bit SSL connections for all application usage
  • Account data is backed-up and transferred offsite several times an hour
  • Backup integrity checked through regular 'disaster recovery' tests
  • Customers can enable 2-Step Verification to make their accounts even more secure

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We encrypt all transactions between you and us with 256-bit SSL technology.

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