4 must-watch CPD-accredited webinars for accountants and bookkeepers

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As an accountant or bookkeeper, keeping your skills, qualifications and accreditation up to date involves a range of different activities, with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points playing an important role.

So how can you make time for professional development without falling behind on your daily tasks? FreeAgent’s CPD-accredited webinars are just one hour long and are free to attend. Topics change every month and cover a range of current issues in accounting and bookkeeping. Even if you miss a live webinar, you can still earn points by watching a recording.

We’ve selected four of our most watched webinars, featuring insights on developments in AI and digital transformation in accounting. We’ve included a short clip from each one to give you a taste, along with a link to the full session.

Beyond the buzz: how accountants and bookkeepers can leverage AI

Just like spreadsheets changed the industry in the 1980s, AI is set to transform some of accounting and bookkeeping’s most time-consuming tasks. So what does an AI-powered future look like for accountants and bookkeepers? 

This CPD-accredited webinar includes:

  • an expert-led panel discussion on the benefits of AI 
  • insights on responsible AI and use cases
  • real-life examples of AI in accounting

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“Are you using AI because it's part of your workflow and it’s enhancing that workflow, or are you using it as some shiny new tool, just because everyone is talking about it and you feel inclined to have to use it?” - Jordan Vickery (Digital Accountancy Show)

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How to help your clients embrace digitalisation 

Our personal and professional lives are becoming increasingly digital, with everything readily accessible from our phones. Nonetheless, clients can be resistant to using digital tools to run their business, keeping ways of working with their accountant or bookkeeper stuck in the past. 

With this CPD-accredited webinar, you’ll discover:

  • digital adoption strategies for smaller clients
  • approaches for embracing technology with clients
  • practices’ first-hand experiences of digitalisation 

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“Using software - specifically FreeAgent - can help you save a massive amount of time and be more efficient in your business, meaning your clients will be more efficient. Automation is already in the software and you save time because you don’t need to do manual data anymore.” - Valentina White (White Accountancy)

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How to support your clients through the cost of living crisis

Rising costs mean your advice and expertise are more valuable than ever to your clients. This CPD-accredited webinar is all about finding the right approach for clients going through financially challenging times. 

The webinar covers:

  • clients’ key challenges when facing rising costs 
  • concrete ways to help cut your clients’ overheads 
  • shared experiences and advice from other practices

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“There is a real key thing with what we’re going through at the moment with the cost of living crisis: having someone to seek advice from, like [your] accountant or bookkeeper, and to be able to talk about these things together in a collaborative sense, not just talking at people.” - Ron Banerjee (Banner & Associates)

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How to win back time with the FreeAgent mobile app

Nowadays most of us have a smartphone at hand at all times. This provides an opportunity to optimise your client processes by leveraging mobile apps. 

According to data from FreeAgent practices, clients who use our mobile app are more likely to explain bank transactions compared to non-mobile users, helping to cut down their accountant's to-do list. 

In this CPD-accredited webinar, you’ll discover: 

  • success stories of mobile app usage 
  • the benefits and challenges of clients using apps 
  • practices’ mobile integration experiences  

Watch full recording 

“Some people are challenged by technology, and I think that accountancy practices are historically set in their ways […] I advise you to get past that. Don’t be scared of it and you’ll be amazed at how much it can do. We have people of all ages using it. It’s amazing!” - Alan Johnston (TaxAssist Accountants Goldenacre)

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