Automatic Bank Integration - have your say

Roan Lavery

CEO, Co-founder

Over the last few months we've been hearing a steady chorus of approval for bank feed integration, whereby FreeAgent would connect to your online banking system and automatically pull in transaction data, without you having to manually download/upload statements. For obvious security reasons, this will be a read-only feed - there'll be no way for the system to make payments out of your account.

The good news is we're now making progress. We've already signed an partnership with Yodlee, the world's leading provider of online banking solutions, and development work has now begun in earnest.

Yodlee have worked with a number of popular finance web apps, including Mint, to automate aggregation of bank data, and they'll allow us to seamlessly fetch data from most of the major banks around the world.

So, it's something we're very excited about, but we want to know exactly how you feel about it too. Would you use it, or if not, why? Is it something so important to your company that you'd be prepared to pay extra for it, or is it simply a "nice to have"? Do you have any concerns, and if so what?

We haven't made any final decisions regarding pricing, which is why we're keen to hear from you in our Bank Integration Survey.

If you've got a minute please take the time to fill in the survey, and feel free to give us any other feedback while you're there. Thanks

Update: We've closed the survey now folks. Thanks to everyone who filled it in.

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