Integrating your digital toolkit with FreeAgent is now easier than ever

How’s your digital toolkit looking? If you’re searching for new solutions to optimise your business processes, we have exciting news. We’ve just launched our new integrations directory, offering a comprehensive overview of FreeAgent’s market-leading integration partners. 

On each partner’s profile, you’ll find detailed information about the benefits of the integration and how it works with FreeAgent. Plus, everything is organised by category, so you can easily find the tools most relevant to your business.

The best part? You can integrate with several of our integration partners, such as Amazon, GoCardless, and Shopify, directly from our directory. Just navigate to the partner’s page, follow the steps to get started, and connect without leaving our site.

We’re working on rolling this functionality out to all our integration partner pages in the coming months. Ready to explore? Head to the directory now to discover all our integration partners.

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