Emily Coltman

About the author: Emily Coltman, FCA is the chief accountant for FreeAgent, who make online accounting software for small businesses and freelancers.

What expenses can you claim on your tax return?


Hi, I’m Emily Coltman, I’m FreeAgent’s chief accountant and at FreeAgent we make online accounting software for small businesses.

So, what expenses can you claim on your tax return if you’re a sole trader?

Well the brief answer is business costs, so that’s things like advertising, things like stamps, things like stationery. We’ve got a comprehensive list of the costs you can claim which you can find under this video.

Do be careful though, there are a few gotchas.

For example, check to make sure that your business journey actually counts as a business journey in HMRC’s eyes and client entertaining may sound like it’s a business cost, but HMRC don’t agree so you can’t use that one to reduce your taxable profit.

There’s more information about how you can use FreeAgent to file your tax return if you click the link above the video.

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