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Bookkeeping guides

Create a great bookkeeping system in just an hour a week!

Want to get to a really good place with your business finances? Read our guide on how to improve the way you manage your books.

Organise your financial paperwork

What paperwork do you really have to keep and how long do you have to keep it for?

Is your profit figure lying to you?

When it comes to including business costs in your profit calculations, are you allocating your costs correctly?

Are you ready for a visit from HMRC?

Here's how to keep tidy books that make HMRC happy.

The drawbacks of spreadsheets

Five reasons spreadsheets could be holding back your business.

What is a balance sheet?

Discover what you should be doing with your business's balance sheet.

Capital assets and capital allowances explained

Discover more about capital assets and capital allowances and find out how to treat them in your accounts.

Keeping records for freelancers

Find out what business documents you should be keeping hold of as a self employed freelancer and why.

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