20,001: a Growth Odyssey

This morning at FreeAgent towers we celebrated welcoming aboard our 20,001st subscriber.

20,001 widget It feels like we barely have time to reflect on where we’ve come in the last five years before we shift up yet another gear. This time it took us all of nine months to double our customer count, a real testament to the strength of our product and the dedication and hard work of the team here.

Does that mean we’re resting on our laurels now? Now’s the time to kick back a little? After all we’ve got this thing sorted, right?

Certainly not. We’ll continue to invest heavily in maintaining the exceptional quality of our customer service across the growing customer base. We’ll continue to improve the already best-in-class design, usability, responsiveness and capability of our product. We’ll continue to build strong relationships with market-leading partners and relentlessly progress towards our goal of ‘democratising accounting’ - making business owners everywhere be awesome at managing their finances.

And if it’s not mixing the space opera metaphors too much, we’ll continue to boldly go where no accounting software has gone before!

PS If you want to be a part of the FreeAgent story, check out our open jobs. We’re especially keen to find the world’s best ruby engineers and superhero support accountants & bookkeepers!

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