FreeAgent Update - Bills, Banking & Payroll

Improvements to Bills

Those of you that like to track payments to suppliers will be pleased to know we've made a number of improvements to the way Bills are handled.

On the main Bills screen you will now see a reworked table of Bills which can be filtered by status and date.

Bills options
  • You can now Pay a Bill directly from the edit Bill screen. This will create a manual bank transaction of the same value marked as a Bill Payment.
  • Bill Type has been renamed Category in line with other parts of the application.
  • General Bills performance has been improved.

On the main Bills screen you will now see a reworked table of Bills which can be filtered by status and date.

Bank Transactions

It is now possible to delete bank transactions. From the bank transaction explanation screen simply select Delete this Transaction to remove it from your statement view. If the bank transaction cannot be deleted (because you've already partially explained it) the delete button will appear greyed out and when you select it you'll see a pop up explaining the reason.

Exlpain a Transaction

We'll be rolling out this delete and explain functionality across the app so it's clearer when and why things can be deleted or not.

If you have already explained a transaction you will first have to remove the explanation, by selecting the Remove this Explanation button, before you can delete it.


When setting up (or revising) Payroll you now enter Monthly gross values as opposed to Annual.

Payroll Details

It's also easier to set up and revise your Payroll, and you can easily delete an entire Payroll if you like, whereas previously you would have to delete the individual payslips.

Other updates

Also worth mentioning in this release:

  • You can now edit a Contact directly from the Contact Cards on main Contacts screen. Just select the helpfully labelled edit button.
  • If you import a batch of contacts, it's now possible to undo that last import. This will only work for newly imported contacts.
  • Currency Exchange Loss and Currency Exchange Gain added as new categories
  • You can now create an invoice by adding all the estimate items into a single invoice item
  • Added support for Romanian Lei (universal)
  • Added support for Singapore Dollar (universal)
  • Fixed an issue with the Invoices worksheet in the Excel export file
  • Fixed an issue with our handling of partnership drawings and capital accounts
  • Fixed an issue with handling of Pre-startup Capital Purchases
  • Ongoing improvements to the user interface that you may or may not notice.

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