Co-working for Scottish Freelancers

As you might expect of a business like FreeAgent, when we need to, most of the team can work from pretty much anywhere. We develop, deliver and support Software-as-a-Service, and we use largely SaaS tools ourselves in our daily working lives.

I travel a fair amount, but give me an internet connection and I can be as productive from an airport departure lounge, a train or a coffee shop as I would be in the office although I do miss the banter you get with your colleagues.

This independence and freedom from a daily commute and requirement to base yourself in an office continues to empower a huge number of freelancers and small businesses all over the world, something that wouldn’t have been remotely possible even a decade ago. 

Obviously this makes our lives easier, but sometimes working from home can be a catalogue of distractions and reasons for procrastination, and it is easy to feel a tad isolated and unconnected. 

Our good friends at Freelance World have recognised this as an issue for many of their clients, lots of whom are FreeAgent users, and have set out to address this problem with the opening of Creative Space , their first co-working space in Aberdeen. This is their first foray into this new area, but they have already got the bit between their teeth with plans to open similar spaces in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee in the not too distant future.

I was lucky enough to attend a sneak preview at a very recent Jelly in the Creative Space,and I can genuinely vouch for the difference a positive and supportive working environment can make, both in the practical sense of having desk-space, coffee and other essentials at your disposal, but also in the value of interactions with other like-minded, enthusiastic and energetic individuals.

Often the most productive meetings are the ones you don’t plan, and the discussions, chats and natural flow of ideas with different people in different (or similar) lines of business can be hugely worthwhile.

They are holding their proper launch party in Aberdeen this Friday 2nd September, so if you would like to attend, send a note via

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