DoubleAgent: FreeAgent iPhone app released

We know a lot of our users have been waiting for an iPhone app for FreeAgent, and Mike Bowzeylo has taken matters into his own hands and created just that.

DoubleAgent iPhone App for FreeAgent

DoubleAgent is an iPhone app that lets you track mileage expenses. The app had only been previously available for Universal users but we got the good news through that version 1.1 has been released with support for UK users as well.

The app looks great, and we're sure it'll be of benefit to lots of you. Well done Mike.

Mike has also been very generous and given us 5 promo codes that will let US users download the app for Free:

  • XHNXWE9J33R7
  • E9MEPR4P4396

Note: these codes are only usable in the US App store and will only work once, so get them quick!

We know of a couple of other iPhone apps in development for FreeAgent and we have our own plans along mobile lines also, so I don't think it'll be long before iPhone owners are spoiled for choice.

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