FreeAgent Update - Release Alsace

What We're Up To

The Good Stuff coming Real Soon Now. In the meantime:

UK Accounts: Opening Mileage Balance

In the UK the amount you can reclaim for mileage depends on how many miles you've done in that tax year. It's 40p/mile up to 10,000 miles and 25p/mile after that.

FreeAgent works all that out for you, but you can also now specify if you've already done a number of miles in the time leading up to your FreeAgent Start Date. It's a mileage opening balance, if you like, and you can specify it along with your other User details (Home > People).

UK Accounts: Payroll Improvements

The UK Budget 2008 has been announced, so you can now setup a 2008/9 Payroll.

We've taken the opportunity to improve the payroll setup process too: you no longer have to have a 6th-of-the-month payday (!) and you get the gross salary split equally between the appropriate number of months.

Invoice Devkit

We're just about to release our Customized Invoice Template Devkit for you design gods out there.

Our Invoice Gallery will be along in release 'Prosecco' two weeks from now, but we wanted to get started on designing on your own templates so that you're ready to go too.

More details on how to submit designs for your own account, or for our standard gallery, will be posted on The Central later.

This Week's Tweaks

  • Added a new Explanation/Expense category 'Charitable Donations'.
  • Fixed a problem with generated Invoice references.
  • Some general interface tidying.

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