Helping the flood relief effort in Cumbria

Following the devastating floods in Cumbria, my home county, I decided to take a day out of the FreeAgent office and volunteer for the relief effort with Cumbria Flood Volunteers.

I spent the day at the Old Fire Station in Penrith, the co-ordination centre for donations and relief. Since the flooding began, donations have come in thick and fast from members of the public who wanted to help. The space where fire engines were once parked was crammed floor-to-ceiling with donations of food, bottled water, cleaning materials and electronic goods.

During the day, some of the volunteers at the Old Fire Station were busy receiving people who needed help, giving them a hot drink and something to eat, and fitting them out with whatever they needed from the donations. Meanwhile, other volunteers were packing up boxes of food to be driven out to the affected areas by volunteer drivers with vans or lorries.

I joined the small admin team in the back office and was given the job of sourcing free meals for the volunteers from local supermarkets and takeaways. This was a totally new experience for me, but I happily picked up the phone and put my very best manners to use. By the end of the day I’d successfully arranged four free meals to feed a team of 20 volunteers over the evening and weekend.

Having finished the day by collecting some of the hot pies I’d sourced earlier for the volunteers’ supper, I drove home utterly exhausted but very happy indeed that I’d done something really worthwhile for the flood relief effort in Cumbria.

Picture of Emily volunteering with Cumbria Flood Volunteers

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