Partnering with UC Finance

We’ve got some big news to share. This week FreeAgent has agreed a new partnership - and we think it’s something that many of our freelance users are going to be very interested in.

So who are these new people who’ve worked their way into our hearts? Well, they’re called UC Finance and they’re the only company in the whole of the UK who provide timesheet finance. And what’s timesheet finance, we hear you ask? It’s a pretty new and innovative idea but, put simply, it means that freelancers and contractors can use timesheets to get finance to pay their bills - before they actually get paid by their clients for the work they’re doing.

Provided they have a contract in place for the work they’re undertaking, freelancers can submit a timesheet to UC Finance who will then provide them with finance - as well as also chasing up their invoices. The awesome thing is that this basically provides an alternative to freelancers and contractors having to rely on loans or overdrafts.

We all know that it can be unpredictable when you’re contracting, because you don’t always have control over when your clients are actually going to pay you. So UC Finance hopes that timesheet finance will provides a simpler way for freelancers and contractors to have a regular and predictable income stream. (Check out their website if you want to find out more about how the process works)

Naturally, we’re really excited to have them on board as an official FreeAgent partner. They’re doing some really cool things to make life easier for freelancers, which is exactly what we’re trying to do when it comes to online accounting. It should be a lot of fun working with them.

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