Redesign update: Accounting

The countdown to the launch of our new interface has begun! We're inching closer, and getting excited and nervous in equal measures, about unleashing the redesign in a few weeks time.

Thankfully the feedback we've been getting from beta testers has been overwhelmingly positive, and we've taken some time to address some of the great suggestions that have been made.

Today, we're taking a peek at the new Accounting section, which has been reorganised, optimised and polished, but what exactly has changed you ask?

Landing page and navigation

I'm glad you asked.

Removing the old left hand navigation throughout the app has meant we've had to reconsider how the pages within Accounting section are organised. A new Reports landing page now has the pages organised into 3 broad categories: High level, Breakdown and Detailed and each one is accompanied by some helpful text explaining more about that particular report.

We know people are sometimes unsure about what the individual Accounting Reports actually mean, and what they're for, so we hope this new landing page will demystify the Accounting section a bit. It's not brain science after all.

Report switching

The good thing about the left hand nav was it alowed you to switch between different reports quickly. We didn't want to lose that functionality so when viewing an individual report you can now switch to another one using the new title navigation (like we do within the Banking section), and we'll persist the current accounting period when you view the new report. Which is handy.

Better printing

Better formatting of printed reports is a popular request, so we've also improved our Print Stylesheet so the pages look neat and tidy when printing out from the browser. There's more to do here, but it's a quick win that we hope will be useful.

That's it for now. We'll be ramping up updates about the redesign as we're edge closer to the launch, so stay tuned.

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