Redesign update: Banking

When we announced our interface redesign back in June, I promised that I'd follow it up with more details as the redesign came together. Today we'll take a look at how the new Banking section is shaping up.

Our initial remit was to translate the existing functionality into the shiny new template so we can get this out to everyone as quickly as possible. Predictably, we couldn't resist making a few improvements while we were in there, and it's those I'd like to share.

Smarter Charts

The main banking screen has a few new enhancements. As with all other charts in the app, the old Flash-driven balance chart has been replaced with a lighter weight Javascript one, which will work on more devices like the iPad.

Banking index screen

We've also added the option to view the sum of all your bank accounts as a single chart, something that has been oft-requested in the past.

Mo' money, mo' details

We've made some significant improvements to the display of individual bank accounts, by introducing a side column which contains useful information about the account itself. This will include obvious details like the current balance, sort code etc but also how many transactions still need to be explained, broken down by month.

Banking index screen

The addition of a progress bar shows how much of the last statement upload has been explained, which should give you that extra little bit of encouragement to stay on top of explaining those transactions. Not that you need it of course.

There are some more far reaching improvements regarding how transactions are explained that we want to make, but these aren't going to be part of the initial release. Nevertheless, hopefully people will benefit from these new additions.

Do let us know what you think.

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