Software Satisfaction Awards 2009

Software Satisfaction Awards 2009

Exceptional customer satisfaction has always been at the heart of what we try to achieve with FreeAgent. Providing kick-ass software is one thing, but magical things happen when we drive product development based on what you guys are saying, and we've tried to do that on a number of fronts. We might not get it right every time, but we are committed to the best possible service we can deliver.

Get Satisfaction has been a fantastic way to openly and transparently engage with FreeAgent users and find out just what they (in no uncertain terms!) want from the application. We also recently introduced an improved formal customer support service, by using the excellent Zendesk, which helps us track customer support queries and respond to these better. Coupled with the chatter on Twitter and we think we've got our bases pretty well covered when it comes to keeping our users a happy bunch.

This sort of multi-pronged communication represents the real value that Software as a Service companies can offer, and what truly sets us apart from our desktop-based counterparts.

So to cement our dedication to excellent customer service. FreeAgent has entered into the 2009 Software Satisfaction Awards in the Accounting & Finance section under the categories:

You'll probably notice that we're up against some behemouths of the accounting world like Sage, but the great thing about these awards is they count on the relative satisfaction of users and not simply brute numbers so we're confident of faring well against the establishment.

If you're a FreeAgent user, and fancy sticking it to the man, please do take a moment to fill in the short survey. It doesn't take long and would mean a great deal to us.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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